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Industrial Type Header

  Industrial Doors Ilistrations Part  
  Industrial Doors Ilistrations Part  
  Industrial Doors Ilistrations Part  

Standard Industrial Type Steel Sashes constructed of rolled steel sections with a flanged frame bar all round, suitable for fixing to brickwork, concrete or steelwork.

Ventilators are horizontally pivoted, centrally hung on brass cup pivots and fitted with spring catch, pulley and eye for hand, cord or pole operation.

Alternatively, Bottom Hung Ventilators can be supplied if specially ordered, by adding prefix "B", thus: type SSB22.  Bottom Hung Ventilators are hung on steel hinges with brass pins and washers, and fitted with concealed side arms and spring catch for hand or pole operation.

Sizes are overall steel frames.

Coupling:  All Standard Sashes may be coupled together by means of millions and transoms.

Glazing is from inside.

Flyscreens can be supplied
Burglar bars can be supplied.

Standaard nyweheid staalrame van gewalste staalprofiele met 'n geflenste raamblak rondom geskik vir vashegting aan messelwerk, beton of staal.

Ventilators swaai horisontaal om 'n spil in die middel op geelkoperdopspille en is toegerus met veerknip, katrol en ogie vir hand-, tou - of haakstokbediening.

As alternatief kan ventilators met onderskanier bestel word.  Meld net voorkode,, B", bv tipe SSB22.

Ventilators wat onder skanier het staalskaniere met geelkoperpenne en - wasters, en is toegerus met versteekte syarms en veerknip vir hand- of haakstokbediening.

Buitemate word aangegee.

Koppeling: Alle standaardrame kan gekoppel word met tussenstyle en kalwe.

Beglasing is van binne.

Insekteskerms kan voorsien word.
Diefwering kan voorsien word.

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